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INFO/ STORY: Nami und Nojiko sind mehr als nur Schwestern, sie sind ein Herz und eine Seele und. Appearance Edit. Nojiko is an average-sized young woman with light blue hair and tanned skin. Her right arm and chest are heavily tattooed - a gesture of. Nojiko Nami's adoptive sister and a resident of Cocoyashi Village. After losing her parents to. nojiko

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In the present storyline, she saved Usopp and a boy called Chabo from the hands of the fishmen. As she grew older, she also became partly responsible for the well being of others on the island. She is later seen after Nami gets her first bounty, apparently content with the idea that she is at least smiling in the photo. Nojiko is Nami 's levelheaded older sister. With that, she said her final words to the girls: Nojiko explained to Usopp that they had periodic payments to make to Arlong as a form of tribute.

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